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Hello !, Dear my friends. I'm Satoshi ARAI.

'Satoshi' is first name, and 'ARAI' is family name.

Since I read the episode that Lum and Ataru make first date ( Star Festival, July, 1980 ), I have been the fan of Rumic ( Rumiko TAKAHASHI's work ) all the time ( 20 years or more ! ). I have participated in all the Official Conventions and am proud of having been active as a leading man in voluntary staffs. Moreover, I have contemplated the behavior of fan of Rumic for many years, and wrote thesis about their thinking and the behavior.

I'm not only interested in Rumic themselves, but also interested in interaction with other fans on Rumic. I don't dedicate all of my life to the Rumic, but make use of the Rumic for my life. It wants to create various common experiences in the fans' interaction.

Some people call me 'The ARAI' with kindness and respect.

What counts is today's enthusiasm rather than past experience.

My pages should be browsed from any environment. I wanna provide not general contents but unique contents. Bulletin board ,chat room, illustrations, and, current events informations are not handled, because thay are hendled at other pages.


Race = human ; gender = male ; birthplace = kanagawa pref; birthyear = 1968 ; height = about 175 cm ; weight = about 60 kg ; fan career = from 1980 ; live in = sagamihara city ; favorites = Roasted eel, beefbaul, lychee, orange, fish ball, roast fish, cucumber salad ;

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